FITNESS COMPETITION : You will be provided with a swimsuit. Nylons may be worn.  We suggest sheer to waist nylons, they look the most natural on stage. We have a nylon sponsor that has perfect stage hose. Check them out on our sponsor page. The pageant will provide a wrap to be worn during the swimsuit competition, if swimsuit style allows.  Shoes will be provided. 25% figure, fitness, posture, grace, elegance, beauty and confidence. During your year as a state titleholder your schedule will be very demanding, being physical fit is a very important part of the competition. Try to take 15 minutes out of your day to do something physical, even if it is taking the stairs instead of the elevator

PRIVATE INTERVIEW : 4 minute Panel Style Interview. Interview suit (May be a pant suit or skirt suit) or nice style dress, check out our sponsor www.allthingscrowned.com for great interview dresses. 50% of your score is based on how well you show the judges your ability to articulate, show confidence, as well as your overall personality and appearance.

EVENING GOWN: Floor length gown any color any style. 25% of your score is based on your poise, posture, grace, elegance and overall look, how well your carry yourself as well as how well your choice of gown compliments you. Tres Jolie is our gown sponsor and gives each contestant a discount.  Visit them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tres.jolie.edmond/

OPENING NUMBER: Your opening number dress will be provided and given to you at registration during the pageant.

SCORING SYSTEM: 25% fitness, 25% evening gown, 50% private interview. A top fifteen/twenty will be selected from preliminary scoring. Scores are erased and the semi-finalists will then re-compete in swimsuit and gown. The top six will be selected. Once again, scores are erased and the top six will answer an identical question. The judges will then rank the contestants in the order they wish them to place.

APPEARANCES: When you receive your banner it is time to make appearances. Go to your local newspaper or Chamber of Commerce and find the local happenings in your community. Select the things that fit into your schedule and that interest you. It could be a parade, or Special Olympics or Grand Opening to a new business. What ever it is, you will be a strong and positive addition to the event.

PAGEANT: Mrs. Oklahoma Pageant will take place at the Guthrie Scottish Rite Theater

THEATER ADDRESS:  900 East Oklahoma, Guthrie, OK
Date: March 9-10, 2018

HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express.
Please ask for the Mrs. Oklahoma America Pageant rate.  All contestants are required to stay in the host hotel Friday and Saturday of the pageant.  Click here to view hotel

STAFF: All of the staff are volunteers and are involved in this program with the goal of making this event an enjoyable experience for you and your families. Please be courteous to them, they have a very tough job making the event go smoothly. If you need help please call the state office at 214-785-9717 and we will have one of our staff members get back with the appropriate help.

ADS: Ads are a nice way to showcase yourself, your title and the support of your community. Once accepted, you will receive a copy of the 2017 Program Book for ad page ideas.

JUDGES: We take a great deal of pride in selecting our judges. This is a very important job and we take it very seriously. The type of judges we select have been selected based on their credentials and their ability to select a person that is the best choice based on the overall performance of the contestant. The woman selected will be the best representative of all the contestants that have competed that year.

PLAT FORM: A platform is something you do for someone or group that you are passionate about. No, you do not have to have a platform. It is always nice to do nice things in your community and there are many ways to do that. Volunteering in anyway on an ongoing basis can be very rewarding.

SPONSORSHIP: The participation fee is $445. The participation fee can be paid by the contestant or may be paid by sponsors. What does a sponsor get in return for giving you money for your entrance fee. This is up to you. The best way is by doing an appearance or appearances in exchange. Most business would have to pay a model for appearances, why not you. You may list up to 10 sponsors in the Official Mrs. Oklahoma Program Book.

PRODUCTION FEE:  $125; this covers the photos shot by the pageant photographer, your opening number dress, your competition swimsuit and swimsuit shoes and shipping of these items.  Once you have paid your participation and production fee in full, we will ship your dress, shoes and swimsuit.

Please understand it is our long-standing policy that there are no refunds on any fees that you or someone paid on your behalf, once you have been accepted as a contestant. No exceptions.

WHAT DO I NEED TO GET STARTED: You need to get your
Application in with your $445 fee & Photo. Everyone competing in the state competition will represent the area where they live or work. There is a lot of pride representing your city or county in the state event and we are proud of you. After we receive your application additional paperwork will follow that you will need to fill out for the state event. You may download the  Application from this site or email us and we will mail you one. Download Application

You can pay your application fee by credit card via PayPal.
Click here to pay now.

WHAT IF I NEED HELP: Everyone needs help from time to time. Someone is always available. If you are unable to reach someone, leave us a message and one of our staff will return your call.

TICKETS: All contestants are required to sell 10 tickets. Tickets are $38 each and include the 2017 Mrs. Oklahoma Souvenir Program book. While supplies last.


Website: www.MrsOklahomaAmerica.com


Mailing Address: The Crist Co. ~ 1819 Canyon Court ~ Allen, TX  75013

Phone: 214-785-9717

Office Hours: M-F 9:00am - 5:00pm

PHOTO: Everyone needs to send a photo (snapshot) with their application. You will need a professional headshot for the program book, but that may be turned in later.

AWARDS: The following awards are presented: Congeniality, Photogenic, Director's Award, Ticket Sales, Memory Book Award, Evening Gown Award, Non-Finalist Evening Gown Award, Fitness Award, Non-Finalist Fitness Award, Interview Award, Non-Finalist Interview Award, Community Service Award, Contestant's Choice, Marriage Longevity, Mrs. Facebook Award, Mrs. Oklahoma Fabulous Face, Ambassador Award, Top Five and Mrs. Oklahoma.