Beth Isbell is Mrs. Oklahoma 2016

Mrs. Oklahoma 2016 is Beth Isbell, a resident of Blanchard, Oklahoma. Beth is married to Brett Allen, she is an Academic Counselor for the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Oklahoma, and currently pursuing a PhD from the University of Oklahoma in Higher Education Administration.

Mrs. Oklahoma will be promoting her platform, 'Together We Can: Helping youth from addictive homes define their future and create new life.' Having a biological father who was an addict, Beth has a strong personal connection to this platform in which she believes that although our past plays a role in who we are today, we can utilize these past experiences to push us forward and accomplish some of life's most precious achievements.
The Mrs. Oklahoma pageant, official state preliminary competition for the Mrs. America contest, celebrates the achievements, poise, grace and personality of Oklahoma’s highly accomplished young women. The competition involves civically engaged married women making a difference by being involved in their communities who are excited about celebrating marriage. Beth competed for the coveted title based on overall personality and articulation skills, confidence, achievements, poise and appearance throughout the competition. Fifty percent of the overall score went to the interview competition, and twenty five percent went to physical fitness and evening gown competitions, respectively.  Beth will compete at Mrs. America in August 2016.  Follow her “Road to Mrs. America” on our facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/mrsoklahoma/



Mrs. Oklahoma - Beth Isbell
1st Runner up - Emerald Stanley
2nd Runner up - Candice Alcott
3rd Runner up - Ashley Fuhr
4th Runner up - Vanessa Clark
5th Runner up- Kristyn Dixon

Rounding out the Top 10:
Ashleigh Gibson
Summer Drake
Brittany Gartner
Chelsea Smith

Other Award Winners:
Fabulous Face - Emerald Stanley
Mrs. Facebook - Ashleigh Gibson
Mrs. Photogenic – Kristin Higgs
Interview Award- Beth Isbell
Fitness Award – Beth Isbell
Evening Gown Award – Beth Isbell
Directors Award – Chanel Martin
Community Service – Vanessa Clark
Marriage Longevity – Erin Engelke
Non-finalist Interview - Chanel Martin
Non-finalist Fitness – Gariell Freeman
Non-finalist Gown – Spring Gray
Ambassador Award – Brittany Gartner
Career Achievement – Erin Engelke
Most Beautiful Smile – Cassie Thompson
Contestants Choice – Kristyn Dixon
Mrs. Congeniality –  Esther Davis
Most Ticket Sales –Spring Gray
Memory Book Award – Emerald Stanley







The Mrs. Oklahoma America Pageant encourages every married woman in the state to come together to discuss marriage, family issues, and community service. The Mrs. Oklahoma Program, in partnership with the Mrs. America Pageant and the Mrs. World Pageant, is the largest system of its kind in the world. With a record number of applicants seeking to participate in the Mrs. America Pageant, it is now projected that this is the fastest-growing pageant program in the United States. Julie will represent Oklahoma in the Mrs. America Pageant, established in 1977, this National Competition is devoted to proving that America's 60 million married women are extraordinarily poised, articulate, hard-working and versatile.

CONTACT: Tracy Crist, Executive Producer of Mrs. Oklahoma America Pageant, 214-785-9717 or visit our website at www.MrsOklahomaAmerica.com